Our top priority is to gain customer pleasure and loyalty by presenting high quality and innovative membranes.

Ankara Membrane® products are being produced under TS EN 13707, TS EN 13969 and TS 11758-1.

Perfect adhesion, exact waterproofing, flexible and tough structure, nice appearance are the basic features of Ankara Membrane producs.

Ankara Membrane® plant also reflects our quality conception so that our plant has been facilitated to enable labour safety, healt and comfort.

Also the raw materials are selected fussily to improve quality assurance. All of them have quality certificates and supplied by esteemed institutions.

We produce under our catchword “A Quality Insulation” where the letter “A” refers to the name “Aluc” also.

Ankara Membrane® serves a building from the foundation to roof finishing. Thanks to our experienced crew, we have innovative products basically for the roofing: We present UV-resistant, decorative textured and easily applied bituminous membranes. For the time being, we have three nice textures: Shingle texture, honeycomb texture and tile texture in a wide color alternatives:. Red, green, night blue, white, grey and beige colors together with smooth, dual color and/or textured patterns!
Thank you for your preference in Ankara Membrane® pleasure and comfort.