Why steel?

Steel is economic
Pre-engineered, fabricated structural elements, low prices to provide high quality, and the construction period is very kısaltmaktadır.çelik weight carrying capacity ratio of the highest malzemedir.çelig high capacity thanks to steel construction elements, in smaller sections and dimensions, lighter and are produced in excellent quality. carrier element sizes in steel structures, because it is much smaller than the wood and concrete, many more uses are obtained. This sağlamaktadır.fiyat balance of more efficient use of building space and short construction times, people of an earlier settlement allowing the less rent, interest and provide them to achieve cost advantages.
                    Steel, Earthquake Resistant
Steel, high strength, flexibility and lightness, is the most earthquake-resistant construction materials. The lightweight, able to withstand without breaking the already created to reduce the impact force sağlamaktadır.depre single element, no matter how large the structure of the mass of the structure hafiflemesidir.çünk, uygulanacag on the strength of the earthquake will be so great. Steel reinforced concrete structure to house about 5 times more than the earthquake hafifdir.bu burden on the building, which means that less than 5 times.

Steel is environmentally friendly
Steel resistant and malzemedir.çelik buildings dismantled by the material can be used again, back kazanılmaktadır.hafif steel material from the skeleton of a made building 7 corresponds to are employed.In from 8 scrap cars, should be cut about 50 trees to make wood a similar structure.

Steel, quality
All over the world are produced in the properties specified in international standard and fully quality steel with an industrial product, checked at every stage of production belgelenmektedir.yapımc or the user, the same as the material of the physical characteristics of the intervention edememektedir.teorik account values ​​in practice is hidden inside the current olmaktadır.beto the project and compliance with standards is always the possibility of supervised sağlamaktadır.galvanizl steel, Stainless steel conveyor manufacturing lightweight, galvanized steel is used for high corrosion resistance, in not rust; As the wood cracking, deflection in time and does not happen infestation.
Steel is Estetikd
Your dreams original materials used in steel houses designed to be a real model provides unlimited aesthetic richness.

Steel, Fast
150 m2 coming forward to rough delivery stage while the house is only 20 days. The construction period of the building of the same size but betorn 6 months.

Steel, Long Lasting
Thanks üretilmiştir.uygulan insulation technique of galvanized steel protects the building from water and corrosion, due to the nature of your fire safety at the highest level to ensure the longevity.

Steel is Accurate
Steel Construction All components are manufactured in computer-controlled machine after the static calculations. quality control is performed at each stage of production is almost no margin for error.

Steel, it is not Problems
uncertainties in construction, continuously extending the construction period, the cost increases will no shortage of qualified staff and other problems. Also thanks to the steel structure of the grounding feature does not carry the risk of lightning.

Steel is reliable
Steel construction of Turkey on the construction of American Homes' in which the first applications, has achieved so far and hundreds of applications made by our team to only work with steel villa.

Steel, Healthy
for many years by reducing the effects of magnetic fields that exist in the natural environment in a healthy way it helps our bodies work. Thanks to its high heat and sound insulation of hot, helps us to be affected by external influences, such as cold and sound.

Steel does not create danger against Lightning
Steel construction sistemer Unlike other carriers, does not constitute a danger against lightning. Because the protection installation, explosion and creating a path to the ground, reducing the risk of minor fires and injuries.