About Us

About Us
From the startup with wooden panel trading, Aluc Companies have a lifetime improvement to the extend to build up mass housing.

Ankara Membrane® has born as a last yield of this continuous progression. Ankara Membrane is a brand new trademark created by this great experience of long years.

When we decided to invest in the water proofing industry, we planned a modern plant in which people would work in safe, healty and comfortable workplace. The result is the high quality bituminous membranes produced by the prised crew.

Under our catchword A Quality Insulation, Ankara Membrane® bituminous membranes are produced in a 3000 m² closed area with an annual capasity of 4 billion m².

We produce for a wide variety of climates: Alpine, Plato and Atlas Series.

Our aim is to attain customer pleasure and loyalty by presenting high quality innovative products at suitable prices.