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Villa steep, steel villa manufacturing experience, combining the architectural and engineering services, has been producing the highest capacity in its plant in light steel structures are one of the numbered company.

Our factory capacity is increased with additional investments made in 2006 and 2009, with an annual production volume of approximately 180.000m2-today is difficult to achieve the desired production of all kinds of projects.
Design, acting alone in the production and application, is able to quickly respond to customer requests. evaluating different demands from our customers so far, many alternative models have been developed. All our models are essential; earthquake and as resistant to all weather conditions, aesthetics, and affordability is presented as a whole.
The model home, as might previously designed and selected produced hundreds of models to choose from, it can be fully revived people's dream and the wish to live in such a model. All the structural elements of the production stage, the production of computer control, and fault structures without leaving the share is an application for protection from serious to affect labor and manufacturing defects. With this application without any loss of time, the villas are delivered to our customers.
Sarpvilla® their homes, recognized domestic and foreign top quality building materials are used in all countries. villas produced by steep Villa brand; Four seasons can be comfortably seated in comfort, sound and heat insulation in the most appropriate manner, are permanent housing that does not require maintenance or repair costs. buyers eye aesthetically, architecturally with excellent usage and earthquake-resistant structures.

ECONOMIC, SAFE COSMETIC even live in these homes, according to the size of the house will be only one - is possible in a period of 4 weeks. With our 17 years of experience in the industry, architects, instead of dealing with subcontractors and outfitter, you watch with pleasure the end of your home.
In addition, Turkey's strategic provinces and countries all over the world we have created and systematically working through our dealer network in the shortest time responding to the needs of our customers, customer satisfaction and keeping always at the highest level.
Villa steep Engineering and Architecture Construction Industry and Trade Inc. the design of steel framed houses, production, sales, export and also when the application of economic solutions without compromising the quality.
Sarpvilla®; with lightweight steel house production, Turkey's most experienced steel made under the house brand of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System is continuing successfully.
About Us